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The UK’s Best Value PO Box, Mail Scanning, Mail Forwarding and Virtual Office services. offer a range of mail handling services suitable for businesses, private individuals or families. Our superb range of PO Box packages enable you to keep your home or business address private whilst still being able to access your mail efficiently, on the go and cost effectively

Mail Scanning Service London

Mail Scanning

  • London or Darlington Address
  • Private UK postal address
  • Manage your post online
  • PC or our iOS and Android Apps and many other features
Mail Forwarding Services London

Mail Forwarding

  • London or Darlington Address
  • Private UK postal address
  • Mail Forwarded weekly anywhere in the world
  • and many other features
Virtual Office Solutions London

Virtual Office

  • London or Darlington Address
  • Private UK postal address
  • FREE Registered Office Service
  • Keep your home address private
  • FREE Directors Service Address

iOS and Android apps

  • Free to download
  • View, Download, forward, store and delete
    your mail on the go
  • View account messages
  • View and Forward parcels
  • Check your account allowance and
    how much mail has been received this month.

What Our Customer Say About Us

We thrive to provide the best service we can for our customers, here is some of the feedback we have received.

I am working offshore in changing locations with lots of travel, since signing up 2 years ago, PO Boxes has provided me with an extremely reliable, affordable and 24/7 mail scanning service which has become essential to me for managing my affairs while away.

Henryk M

I signed up for their basic service first when I moved to Thailand and have been delighted with the service. All my post is in one place. I wish I had done this while I was living in the UK.

James Hanley Kingston upon Thames

I have been utilising PO Boxes' services for a couple of years and have no hesitation in summarising their attention to detail, thoroughness, technical capabilities, speed of service and overall approachability as being exemplary.

NH, Marbella, Spain